The largest wooden castle in the world

The Sanctuary of Truth Museum is a gigantic all wood construction located at the relaxing Rachvate cape of Naklua Pattaya City. A must visit place and the only one all wood sculpture building in the whole world.

Day Pass Ticket Price

-Adult 500 THB/Person
-Child 250 THB/Person


If you are visiting the Sanctuary of Truth Museum Pattaya, please be informed that before entering the main attraction, the Viewpoint with overlooking of the wooden castle and a Seaview background is open for everyone.  When you get inside the Sanctuary, enjoy the greenery garden, visit the carving area, and the souvenir shop. Construction is still ongoing and a helmet will be given and should be put on while inside the building for safety purposes.  Staff in different languages are available to give information in 20 -45 minutes  about the place while enjoying picture and video  taking around the castle.

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