Wonderland in Phuket FantaSea

Experience a new dimension in the whole village of Hansa. Manohra Thong Restaurant Wang Iyara Theater Tiger Jungle Adventure And great performances "Kamala Miracle" at Phuket FantaSea


17:20 hrs. Pick up from the accommodation (Including dinners)

18:30 hrs. Pick up from the accommodation (Not including dinners) to Phuket FantaSea Have dinner International Buffet Dinner at Manohra Thong Restaurant Phuket FantaSea

21:00 hrs. Find the best technology The application of Thai cultural arts that combines world-class display technology Until becoming the ultimate identity, the only show in the world. Illusion technique (illusion), magic dimension, great illusion Join the adventure with Hanuman and the soldiers. Thrilled with the deadly Yuthheetee Awakening with spectacular light Watch the amazing fire blasting technique. Swaying in the air with the bungee ballet Enchanting with those of Kinnaree, in the middle of the dance Fun with dozens of elephant caravans on the stage. And find the miracle with the amazing images that appear in front of When the elephant was cast into space And disappear in the blink of an eye! It's just a fraction of the Maya dimension and magic. Above which show That will pin your eyes throughout the show

23:00 hrs. Bring you back to your accommodation.

Ticket Price
  • Adults 1500 baht per person
  • Children 1300 baht per person

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