One day trip in Ayutthaya, Do not have a lot of holiday. If talk about Ayutthaya Think of Temple but There are also The palace, floating market, Crafts Center.


  One Day Trip : Bangkok – Bang Pa-In Royal Palace – Ayodhaya floating market – Kao Koet Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center

07.00 am. Meet up at Ma Boon Khrong Center. Register to get breakfast.

08.00 am. Depart to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, The old palace

09.30 am. Arriving at Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, The old palace In the past. Construction by King Prasat Thong. Because here the birth of King Prasat Thong. It is the residence of the king.

11.00 am. Depart to Ayodhaya floating market.

11.45 am. Arriving at Ayodhaya floating market. A retro antique market, Surrounded by nature and folk Thailand Streams. There are more stores to 249 outlets. There are many boats selling food, Community Market Way of Thailand and many other shops. You can shop for OTOP products.

12.30 pm. You can choose to have lunch freely at Ayodhaya floating market. (food prices are not included in the package)

02.00 pm. Depart to Kao Koet Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center.

03.00 pm. Arriving at Kao Koet Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center. Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Order to build up on 15 December 1997. Provides guidelines for project implementation. Using money of Queen Sirikit buy contributions were made. Activities alongside traditional farmers. And Wishes to preserve the art and culture of Thailand and A center of arts and culture sector.

05.30 pm. Go back to Ma Boon Khrong Center.

06.00 pm. Arriving at Ma Boon Khrong Center by Safety.

**Note : The schedule above is subject to change without prior notice. The safety and benefits of the travelling partner.

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