Travel to 9 temples to pay respect to monks in Bangkok. If you don’t have plans to go on this holiday. Inviting parents to pay respect to Buddha. To do meritable things in order to get positive or good karma for oneself.


  One Day Trip : Bangkok – Hua Lamphong Temple – Wat Traimitr Withayaram – Wat Chana Songkhram – Wat Pho – Wat Phra Kaew – Wat Bowonniwet Vihara – Wat Suthat Thepwararam – Wat Ratchanadda – Wat Saket

07.00 am. Meet up at Ma Boon Khrong Center. Register to get breakfast.

08.00 am. Depart to Hua Lamphong Temple.

08.15 am. Arriving at Hua Lamphong Temple, That enshrines the Buddha statue of The attitude of subduing Mara. Make merit for coffin for complements the horoscope.

09.00 am. Arriving at Wat Traimitr Withayaram. Have Phra Mondop and Luang Pho Thong Kom was recorded by Guinness World Records as the largest pure gold Buddha in the world.

10.30 am. Visit a beauty of Wat Chana Songkhram. Is an ancient temple Ayutthaya period.

11.15 am. Arriving at Wat Pho Watch the Beauty of Phra Maha Chedi Group, Pay respect to the Reclining Buddha The country's third largest.

12.00 pm. You can choose to have lunch freely. (food prices are not included in the package)

01.00 pm. Arriving at Wat Phra Kaew temple in the Grand Palace as well as Phra Sri Sanphet which is a temple in the royal palace in the Ayutthaya period haveing a royal intention for the Emerald Buddha.

02.00 pm. Bring you to pray of Phra Suwannakhet and Chinsi Buddha at Wat Bowonniwet Vihara is Royal monastery in Dynasty. A collect of many Chinsi Buddha.

02.45 pm. Bring you to Wat Suthat Thepwararam, Place of Phra Sri Sakyamuni Near Brahmin Swing One landmark in Bangkok city.

03.30 pm. Visit to Bethel Only one place in the world at Wat Ratchanadda is Buddhist place in Rattanakosin. As a legacy of faith of Buddhism.

04.30 pm. Bring you to Views of the City at Wat Saket or Golden Mountain Temple. With pray of relics for Extra prosperity.

05.30 pm. Go back to Ma Boon Khrong Center.

06.00 pm. Arriving at Ma Boon Khrong Center by Safety.

**Note : The schedule above is subject to change without prior notice. The safety and benefits of the travelling partner.

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