If you want to travel this holiday. Pathum Thani Province is another interesting. The near from Bangkok and that is also the place to visit many Temples, Floating markets, Museum.


  One Day Trip : Bangkok – Wat Bot – Koh Kred – Wat Ku – Ruanlada

07.00 am. Meet up at Ma Boon Khrong Center. Register to get breakfast.

09.00 am. Arriving at Wat Bot Somdet Toh at Pathum thani. The old Temple built by the Mon people. That moved from Myanmar.

10.30 am. Depart to Koh Kred.

11.30 am. Take you to the boat to Koh Kred.

12.00 pm. Arriving at Koh Kred is Community Mon. Notable in earthenware. You can buy food or have a snack. Independent lunch(food prices are not included in the package)

01.30 pm. Take you to the boat to Wat Ku.

02.30 pm. Arriving at Wat Ku or Monument of Queen boat capsized. Queen of King Chulalongkorn rama5.

03.30 pm. Depart to Ruanlada.

04.00 pm. Arriving at Ruanlada it is the collection of Thai houses in four regions. You will learn the art of thai house each sector.

05.00 pm. Go back to Ma Boon Khrong Center.

06.00 pm. Arriving at Ma Boon Khrong Center by Safety.

**Note : The schedule above is subject to change without prior notice. The safety and benefits of the travelling partner.

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