The island is full of amazing scenery. The whole attraction has a peculiar rock-shaped beach. The beautiful underwater world is full of wonderful landscapes, including strange rock landscapes.


   Day 1 : Check-in 

02.00 pm.  Check in at Hivetel PhuketLeisure time , take a walk on the beach, take a photo and enjoy the view.

   Day 2 : Similan Island - Ba Ngu Island - Lunch - Koh Byu - Koh Myung

07.00 - 07.30 am. Pick up from the hotel. Head to Thaplamu pier, Phang Nga province.

08.00 am. Customers arrive at Love Andaman Pier (Thap Lamu Pier) to check-in. Have breakfast, snacks, bakery, drinks (tea, coffee, juice,). Then listen to the guides from the guide and explain the program.

08.30 am. The boat is ready to depart from the pier. To head to Similan Island

10.00 am. Arrive at Island 8 or Similan Island. The location of the "Sail Boat" or "Sail Rock", the famous viewpoint Can see the view of the "Horseshoe Bay" or "Donald Duck Bay" which is surrounded by a large, beautiful stone pile and everyone can still swim and sunbathe on the white sand beach.

11.00 am. Travel to the first dive point at Koh 9 or Ba Ngu Island, a diving site that has both rare fish species. And large fish It is also a popular spot for shooting dark indigo water. Cut with beautiful rock formations.

12.00 pm. Enjoy a buffet lunch at the Similan Islands National Park Office and relax at leisure.

01.00 pm. Bring everyone to travel again to experience the beautiful underwater world. With a shallow dive spot that is famous Of the Similan Islands at Koh 7 or Koh Byu, which is the habitat of sea turtles Often seen and always like to greet the tourists

02.00 pm. Arrive at Island 4 or Myung Island. The island has two beautiful beaches that can walk through each other. Everyone can enjoy various activities on the beach, such as walking, taking pictures or snorkeling.

03.15 pm. Depart from the island 4 back to the private pier of Love Andaman.

04.30 pm. Arrive at Love Andaman Pier with wonderful memories.

05.00 pm. Bring you to the hotel. 

   DAY 3 Breakfast - Check-Out 

07.00 - 09.00 am.  Have a breakfast at Hotel

10.00 am.  Check Out at Hotel Gahn Khaolak and Return.

Price Included

    1. Package 3 days 2 nights at Hivetel Phuket, Standard Room.
    2. Similan Islannd One Day Trip 
    3. Transfer from Hotel to Port
    4. Marks,Life Jacket and Guide
    5. 2 breakfasts at the hotel And Lunch in day trip
    6. Insurance
    7. Room for 2 people

*Note :
- The program may be changed as appropriate. Weather, time With regard to the safety of customers.
The Program is joint trip
This program is not recommended for women with Christmas Strike. And those with chronic diseases to the force generation activities.
- This package price is valid for travel from today until 15 May 2020 only.
- This price does not include airport transfers to the hotel.
- The food included in the tour program is Thai food - seafood. If that is not able to eat any food Or if wanting to eat vegetarian, please inform staff when booking And food provided for Muslims to be able to eat.
- In the case of beds being 700 baht per person and depending on the room type

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