Meet the nature on the island that is still fresh and perfect. We will bring you to meet the coral. The perfect antler, the beauty of the sea flower fields, along with various species of Nemo fish


   One Day Trip : Zedetkyi Island - Bruer Island - Lunch

07.00 am. pick up from your Hotel 

08.00 am. met at the pier to check in the border, ready to receive the diving equipment and towels. Eat snacks that are provided.

08.45 am. get ready and go to the island by speed boat, Bruce Collier.

09.00 am. border pass at the two island Myanmar.

10.00 am. Arrive at Zedetkyi Island Snorkeling point 1. you will find the beauty of the coral.

11.00 am. bring people up demonstrate Bruce Island, relax on the beach couple. Then explore the nature watch roots Millennium represents the completion on the island.

12.30 pm. lunch on the island, Bruce Collier heart Beach couple.

02.10 pm. heading to the island's two ports in Burma through the immigration and heading to Nyaung Oo Phee Island

03.10 pm. diving at 3 points, with caves to the middle of the heart of the sea, Myanmar.

04.00 pm. traveling back to the pier in Ranong province.

05.00 pm.  Welcome to travel back with the menu, and bring you to your hotel safely.

Tour Included
  1. Snorkeling at sea in Myanmar
  2. Border fees and the Myanmar island fee for Thai people. Foreigner E-VISA filed manually. (For more information, contact our staff)
  3. Transfer from Hotel to Port.
  4. local Guide and Thai Guide Speaks 3 languages: English, Myanmar, Thailand.
  5. Marsk,Life Jacket and Guide.
  6. Morning snack and Lunch Seafood.
  7. Insurance.
Please Prepare
  1. In case Thai citizen pls use ID Card only
  2. In case foreigner Pls use Passport,Immigration arrival card,Work Permit and E-VISA approved.
  3. Swiming suit,Camera,Sun Protect,Sunglasses,Towel, shoes and drugs.

*Note :
- After completing the program, customers can travel back by bus (bus service) 20.00 hrs. Process through The process of passing through may be delayed. On a holiday / festival / day with high travel rate
- The program may be changed as appropriate. Weather, time With regard to the safety of customers.
- The Program is joint trip
- This program is not recommended for women with Christmas Strike. And those with chronic diseases to the force generation activities.
- If you stay outside areas are charged 200 baht per person / round
- In case snorkeling equipment lost. You must pay the damages - diving mask 500 baht / a - snorkel 500 baht / piece

***Tour Myanmar Can not issue tax invoice for deduction***
Conditions for Foreigners :
- Since Myanmar has modified the conditions of transit of foreigners must submit an Online Visa manually. By web With shipping documents have been approved to travel at least 7 days.
- All countries must apply for Visa before traveling worth $ 50. Customers filings because they are attached with a photograph and personal information. If the permission is not received, it is not possible to travel.
- Except for Taiwan people can not travel at all the case. and Thai people use only Boarder Pass If Forgot ID card Cannot pass in all cases.

Recommendations for using Thai ID card for crossing into Myanmar for Thai citizen

1. If customer pay 1 st deposit pls send copy id card front and back and sign “This document use for Program one day trip ….. island only “To use to make border documents and notify travel insurance
2. Identity card is used to notify names to Myanmar
3. On the day of travel, must bring the original ID card only Because cross border documents require ID card scanning Is a government condition
4. If the customer forgot to bring the card, they will not be able to travel out of the country in all cases and cannot use another card instead, whether it is Passport, Driver's License, Student Card or others 
5. On the travel ID Card will not expire
6. For lifelong ID card holders Must be a card with a chip card only In order to be able to travel
7. In the event that you have 2 ID cards, such as old cards, lost and new ones Must use a new ID card only when submitting transboundary documents. Old card is not available.
8. Those who have a Black List regarding various cases Unable to cross the border
9. Children under 2 years of age. The company does not recommend and does not allow travel in the Myanmar sea program
10. Seniors over 60 years and customers with pressure, heart disease, pregnancy, asthma, surgery in the period of 1-2 years, bone diseases The company does not allow travel. As it can be dangerous
11. Program may change due to natural factors such as tide - tides, currents and weather.
**Note: In the event that your ID card has a problem, cannot issue transit documents. We are not able to refund the trip.

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