Take you around Nakhon Nayok province. Make merit and Pray for the Buddha statue in addition you can take a photo of the show to your friend. You will find a feel of nature. And not far from Bangkok.


  One Day Trip : Bangkok – Wat Chulapornwararam – Aden Farm – Wat Phram Mani – Saphan Thungnamuy – Magha Puja Memorial Buddhist Park

07.00 am. Meet up at Ma Boon Khrong Center. Register to get breakfast.

08.00 am. Depart to Nakhon Nayok

10.00 am. Arriving at Wat Chulapornwararam you will find View the shady atmosphere under Bamboo arches spanning several meters long.

11.30 am. Arriving at Aden Farm Or Green Market. Learning Center of Organic Farming, Products from snail mucus and Chemical-free food. You can choose to have lunch freely at Ayodhaya floating market. (food prices are not included in the package)

01.30 pm. Arriving at Wat Phram Mani or Wat Luang Por Pakdang that enshrines the Buddha statue of meditation red lip is famous for its fortune. A monument to commemorate the 37th Brigade Japan in era Burapha Asian War.

02.30 pm. Arriving at Saphan Thungnamuy Bamboo bridge that stretches the S curve pattern among the fields of nature.

03.45 pm. Arriving at Magha Puja Memorial Buddhist Park that enshrines the Buddha Statue large with Buddha statue border 1,250 livery.

04.30 pm. Go back to Ma Boon Khrong Center.

06.30 pm. Arriving at Ma Boon Khrong Center by Safety.

**Note : The schedule above is subject to change without prior notice. The safety and benefits of the travelling partner.

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