Chachoengsao or Paetriew A city that felling for folk lifestyles. Have Temple and Holy thing to worship and Ancient floating market. You can enjoy shopping at your own. And not far from Bangkok.


  One Day Trip : Bangkok - Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan - Ban Mai Riverside Market - Wat Samanratthanaram – Koomwimardin

07.00 am. Meet up at Ma Boon Khrong Center. Register to get breakfast.

08.00 am. Depart to Chachoengsao

10.00 am. Arriving at Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan the oldest temple in the city of Chachoengsao province. Be enshrined of Luang Por Sothon a respected of villagers.

11.30 am. Arriving at Ban Mai Riverside Market Old Market waterfront last 100 years. A Ancient house of Thai-Chinese community. A source of food and snacks. You can choose to have lunch freely at Ayodhaya floating market. (food prices are not included in the package)

01.30 pm. Arriving at Wat Samanratthanaram is enshrined of Ganesh the biggest one in Thailand

03.00 pm. Arriving at Koomwimardin. Experience the natural atmosphere and Source of production earthenware.

04.00 pm. Go back to Ma Boon Khrong Center.

06.00 pm. Arriving at Ma Boon Khrong Center by Safety.

**Note : The schedule above is subject to change without prior notice. The safety and benefits of the travelling partner.

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