Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum

Find out the truth and proven by yourself.

Do you Believe it ? Ripley's One of the museums world famous, origin from the United States. The only one that brings together magic from all over the world, including the eccentric mystery. Impressive beauty And you get experience that you will never forget.

Excited about the many activities such as Adventures in ... haunted warehouses .. the largest coffin warehouses in the world.

-A scary amusement park! A nightmare comes to ... The  famous theme park  used to be popular with tourists . It close down  for some unknown reason.

-The movie theater making you be like the main character of the story that is currently ongoing Cinemas with unique special effects on the simulation of wind, water or even storms with a giant screen.

-The Wonderful  maze where you will find yourself immersed in spectacular illusions, enjoy innovative lighting effects with Infinite glasses, sound fields, atmospheric effects and mood setting music.

-The Vault Laser Maze Challenge where you simulate a spy. You must be agile and compete with the time limit.

-Louis Tussauds Waxworks Museum, you can take a close-up photo shoot with wax models of celebrities, models, singers, athletes and world-class celebrities, both Thai and international.

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