Coral Island Banana Beach 3D/2N @ Hivetel Phuket
See the abundance of water resources such as shallow water corals. And Clear water, white ..
฿ 3,799.00.-
Maiton Island 3D/2N @ Hivetel Phuket
Maiton Island is one of the most complete islands. There are both beautiful beaches The wa..
฿ 4,699.00.-
Racha Yai Island & Coral Island Banana Beach 3D/2N @ Hivetel Phuket
Racha Yai Island, beautiful beach, clear water, paradise for snorkeling lovers Beautiful c..
฿ 4,099.00.-
Rok Island & Haa Island 3D/2N @Hivetel Phuket
Rok Island & Haa Island is a Queen of the Andaman Sea. An island with a peaceful and r..
฿ 4,699.00.-
Similan Island 3D/2N @ Hivetel Phuket
Similan island is an island of beauty both on land and under water, you can dive and snor..
฿ 4,299.00.-
Surin Island 3D/2N @ Hivetel phuket
Surin island it's a remarkable coral reef under water, you can snorkelling to see the beau..
฿ 4,499.00.-
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