At present, traveling is the main factor that makes people choosing in their free time, as well as some people who want to change their daily routine by choosing to travel to various places. If you are one of them who wants to look for happiness, the fun of the holidays and exciting activity, but don't know where to go or how to start?. BlueGaxy Travel has foreseen these problems and established a website to meet the needs of everyone because we recognize the importance of tourism as well. We have studied routes and tourist attractions, both old and new to offer and to take care and support. Allowing you to travel as happy as possible. We have many traveling packages that include everything for you, such as One-Day Trip for those who have limited time, tickets for a variety of activities including adventure or even tickets to family-friendly landmarks the attractions that we provide for you are all popular places whether in the country or abroad. You can see the details below.

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Banana Beach - Coral Island 1 Day Trip!
If you want to relax this holiday. We recommend Banana Beach in Coral Island, Famous islan..
฿ 2,100.00.- ฿ 2,500.00.-
Cock's Burn Island 1 Day Trip!
Meet nature on an island that is still alive and we will take you to meet many coralsItine..
฿ 2,900.00.- ฿ 3,900.00.-
Cock's Comb Island 1 Day Trip!
Emerald Heart Island If viewed from a high angle, the middle channel is shaped like a hear..
฿ 3,900.00.-
Heaven Bay 2D/1N
฿ 900.00.-
Koh Chang 3D/2N @ The Awa Resort
Koh Chang   3 Day 2 Night . Experience the beauty of the second lasgest isl..
฿ 5,390.00.- ฿ 5,890.00.-
Krabi 4 Island 3D/2N
Take you to the wonders of the sea in thailand, you can sailing and snorkeling by side tha..
฿ 2,890.00.-
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