Package Group Krabi-Phuket

Krabi Seabass Hotel

You will find a cozy hotel. The atmosphere and the ocean and the sand used to decorate the hotel, Located in central Krabi Able to travel easily.

Rueanmai restaurant

Famous restaurant in krabi, The atmosphere is pleasant Trees by the pond, Delicious meals based on traditional recipes of the South.

LaeLay Grill Restaurant

Restaurant on the 10 of Krabi, Atmosphere restaurant you can take a couple to dinner, You can see both ocean and mountains, Watch the beautiful sunset.

KanabnamView Seafood & Fish Farm

The most creative restaurant with a unique signature, outstanding in the midst of nature. Which will have to take a boat to the shop that locates on the island in the middle the water. The atmosphere of the shop is peaceful, and surrounding by the full of floating sea baskets, so it will become a special meal. You will taste the deliciousness from the food and the freshness of the seafood, mixing with the cool breeze. You can also visit the Ban Koh Klang village community way of life as well.

Poo-Dum Tea Shop

Poo-Dum Tea Shop is a chic restaurant that is perfect for chilling. The shop interior gives a simple atmosphere but filled with deliciousness when visiting Krabi, do not miss to try the "Roti" that the shop has selected for you to choose from such as coconut roti, pandan flour, crispy outside, soft inside Fragrant with a pandan fragrance. You can also enjoy the deliciousness along with the specialty beverage menu of the shop.


O’nya Phuket Hotel

If you are looking for a place to relax that will impress. You must visit the O’nya Phuket Hotel, a classic hotel that combines the ancient scent of Phuket with a modern atmosphere in the Sino-Portuguese architectural style, make you feel like you are living in Phuket no matter waking or sleeping. You will see the traditional way of Phuket people and authentic Chinese style furniture. Including meals that also show the uniqueness of Phuket. You will feel truly worthwhile for staying in one place.

KanEang@pier Restaurant

Restaurant seafood modern located at Chalong Bay, Famous for over 10 years, Great atmosphere and a cool breeze from the sea.

Yacht by nikorn marine and Coral Island

Take you sailing yachts chic go to Andaman Sea, Panoramic view of the sea and Enjoy Water Activities such as snorkeling, Take you to the Coral Island Famous Island of Phuket, You will find white sandy beaches and the beautiful sea.

Andaman Sea Travel

Van service throughout the trip from the standardize company in driving and service. Bus conditions are always checked. The van has 10 seats, 3 rows with complete facilities. Including drivers with driving experience and expertise in the route

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