Boulder Island by Speed Boat


  • Insurance
  • Life Jacket
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Lunch (Buffet)
  • Guide
  • Land Tranfer
  • Border pass fee and admission fee in Myanmar


07.00 am Van service for customers from accommodation in Ranong town / Bus station / Airport heading to the pier Customs Ranong (Lighthouse)
07.30 am Simultaneously at the lighthouse pier in Ranong province. Check in with morning snacks. And check documents At Love Andaman has been prepared in advance
08.00 am The boat is ready to travel to the two islands in Myanmar to submit documents through the island of Myanmar. Which takes a short time
08.15 am Departing from the two islands in Myanmar, during the journey, we will pass "Victoria Point", the southernmost land of Myanmar. The boat will pass through hundreds of islands. Which still maintains the purity of the Myanmar sea That has been closed for hundreds of years It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to travel.
10.00 am Arriving in Nakinyo Island It's time to relax and see the beauty of the beach at "Moken Bay", a beautiful beach. Then study nature from "Moken Bay" to "Sister Bay", a beautiful double bay. To appreciate the richness of the pristine tropical rain forest Excited with the rock of the hippo This stone looks on the other side, like a whale. The nature is amazing. This path is called the Jurassic view point. It is a hundred million years stone path. Is both a viewpoint It is a spot to watch thousands of thousands of stones stacked together, which is a thousand-year-old granite stone that invites everyone to enjoy the imagination. Ideal for people who like photography. And relax in their own way Which takes about 30 minutes to walk (return)
12.00 pm Get full time with buffet food And delicious boiled seafood With various sweets And various drinks That everyone is talking about Full service Clean white beach Relax under the shady trees At Moken Bay Beach
2.15 pm Before going out for diving activities Love Andaman invites everyone to have fun. By collecting garbage, keeping clean in front of Moken Bay Beach
2.30 pm It's time to enjoy diving activities. Come to experience the beauty of the Myanmar sea. No matter where you swim, you can feel the beauty that lies beneath the sea that is filled with various kinds of fish that are ready to welcome everyone, such as black shark. White shark Clownfish family And the abundance of 7 colors of corals such as stag coral (STAGHORN CORAL) surrounded by Blue Coral (BLUE CORAL) and full of sea flowers Wonderfully
3.30 pm Say goodbye to the purity of the sea heading to the second island. To receive documents through
5.00 pm Arrive at Ranong Customs Pier (Lighthouse). Van with return service in Ranong town.
* The program may be changed depending on the situation. And natural changes *

- After completing the program, customers can travel back by bus (bus service) 20.00 hrs.
Process through
- The process of passing through may be delayed. On a holiday / festival / day with high travel rates
Boulder Island by Speed Boat

Detail: Boulder Island Island is a private island. Newly opened, located in the Andaman Sea. Suitable for diving to see beautiful coral reefs, colorful fish and large fish. Exciting with the underwater world

Adult:     4,500.00   THB

Child:     3,600.00   THB