Macleod Island by Speed Boat charter


  • Life Jacket
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Land Tranfer
  • Tea & Coffee (Morning)
  • Lunch (Buffet)
  • Guide
  • Insurance
  • Border pass fee and admission fee in Myanmar


07:00 - 7:30 - Hotel Pick-up to the Meeting Point for check-in, buffet breakfast are available at this point.
Receive trip information and safety information from our profession tourist guide.
09:00 - Pick up from Meeting Point to the pier for Immigration paper preparation and head to Victoria Point
or Kewthaung, the lowest point of Burma, by speed boat. The immigration process will be done onboard. The life
jackets, snorkeling gears, and soft drinks are provided throughout the trip. Travelers get to see Burmese local market
view from the boat.
09:30 - Leave from Kawthaung Pier to Macleod Islands. Enjoy views from many small islands and sea lives down the
boat. If you are lucky, you’ll get to say hi to a group of dolphin playing under water.
10:30 - Snorkeling point1: “Fish Kingdom” Various species of colorful fish will be seen here. One beloved spot for
divers and snorkelers. Time will always fly fast for this spot.
11:45 - Snorkeling point2: “Antlers Empire” Staghorn corals decorated with other colorful corals and sea plants are
plenty enough to name this spot. Big group of tiny fish swimming around you will make this spot even more worth to
see. A red giant sea fan is one of the hilight too.
12:00 - Arrive at a private Reindeer Beach on Macleod Island for lunch and relaxing time.
HILIGHT for this beach is you can snorkel near the coast to see clown fish (Nemo Fish) playing around
hundreds of corals. Paddling boards and Canoes are available on the beach.
There are nice restaurants, bars, clean bathrooms and lovely snap points that you cannot find on other beaches.
Reindeer Beach is a long white-sanded beach with incredibly blue sea view which will make you trip

14:30 - Snorkeling point3: “Nudi Island” This island looks just like Sea Trout or ‘Nudi,’ which is named by divers who
visited this island earlier. You’ll get to see the Nudi’s, starfish, Feather Starfish and Giant clams at this snorkeling spot.
15:00 - Time to say good bye and head back to Kawthaung pier.
16:20 - At Kawthaung pier, exit Burma by passing through Immigration process.
16:30 - Arrive at a final pier, checking immigration papers and leave to hotel.


1. In case of change or postpone the trip. The customer must inform the staff at least 15 days before travel.
2. Case to cancel the trip. Can't refund customers. In any case at all.
3. Case monsoon climate inhospitable and Myanmar have announced no ship. The customer can move, and the company reserves the right to return money to the customers.
4. Through Dan must use ID card or Passport only real
5. Staff will contact you back for more details as follows.
- a list of all the people
- other details such as location send, food allergies, etc.
- in case of Thai, prepare a copy of ID card, if foreigners, prepare a copy of your passport and fill in the details E-VISA (staff will send Link. Filling a E-Mail you stated).
Macleod Island by Speed Boat charter

Detail: Touch island with a private speed boat charter. View an abundance of natural resources. I will take you back to nature 200 years ago.

Adult:     135,000.00   THB