The Emerald Pool Tour


  • Tea & Coffee (Morning)
  • Lunch
  • Land Tranfer
  • Insurance


07.50 am -08.30 am

Pick up a group of hotels to travel to Klong Thom.


Traveling to Klong Thom by air-conditioned car. (About 1 hour)

10 am

Take you to Unseen in Thailand. We invite you to warm the stream of mineral water. Geothermal flows through limestone cascades. The temperature is about 42 degrees, which is suitable for healthy soaking (to get the best results with health, soaking for about 15 minutes).

12.00 pm.

Picnic lunch In a casual atmosphere


Take a walk on the nature trail. Rainforest in the lowlands of Thailand. Is the place There are birds with black belly. Birds once lost in this world. But here are just a few.


Emerald Pool Unseen in Thailand Emerald Pool The center of the jungle is like a natural swimming pool.
The Emerald Pool Tour

Detail: Tour of the Emerald Pool, a nature trail with a emerald green swimming pool near

Adult:     750.00   THB

Child:     400.00   THB