Cock's Burn by Speed Boat


  • Border pass fee and admission fee in Myanmar
  • Insurance
  • Guide
  • Life Jacket
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Towel
  • Tea & Coffee (Morning)
  • Lunch (Buffet)
  • Land Tranfer


07: 00. Pick up from your hotel and travel to the dock. (time, depending on the location of the hotel you choose).
08: 00 pm arrival port grand Andaman (Ranong) through the process of document crossings.
09: 00. Ships from the harbor grand Andaman (Ranong) heading to port Island, two countries through the way of immigration.
09: 30 pm departure from port island two through "Victoria point." through the islands towards the sea Myanmar. On board lifeboat equipment snorkeling. Water service throughout the journey.
11: 00. Travel to marine taro (Cock Burn), consisting of 5 island featured. The beaches clean soft fine sea beach suitable for photography, play in the water, and the point of view of the วิวสุ challenge.
11: 45. Travel to Ao reindeer (Reindeer Bay) you will find the staghorn coral abundance. Many species of clownfish. Feel the love and passion for snorkeling.
12: 45. Travel to the island of Pearl (Pearl Island) a private beach on the island have a bathroom and a seat for eating comfortably relax and take pictures. At leisure.
14: 00. Bring you dive corals at Golden Bay (Golden Bay) visitors flock damselfish colors swim reflect the sun cut with clear blue sea.
15: 00. Enjoy diving spot one of the most beautiful sea Myanmar rock (Little Rock) you will find a staghorn coral density. And the multitude of fish.
16: 00 pm departure back towards the port of two islands, Myanmar.
17: 00 pm to harbor island 2, through the process of passing through, Dan out of Myanmar.
17: 30 pm arrival port grand Andaman (Ranong) send you back to the hotel.

1. In case of change or postpone the trip. Customers must inform the authorities at least 7 days before the trip
2. trip cancellation. Can not be refunded to the customer. In no case whatsoever
3. If the monsoon. Adverse weather conditions Myanmar authorities have announced the suspension and navigation. Customers can postpone the trip The Company We reserve the right to refund the customer
4. crossings require ID or Passport actually only
5. In the event of a loss of snorkelling equipment. You have to pay damages as follows:
- diving mask 500 baht / a
- snorkel 500 baht / a
6. staff will contact you back for more details as follows:
- a list of the entire journey
- details such as the place gets. delivery, food allergies, etc.
- In preparation for the Thailand ID card. If foreigners Prepare a copy of your passport and fill out E-VISA (Link staff to fill them via E-Mail that you have provided).
Cock's Burn by Speed Boat

Detail: Nature still live on the island and staph dramatically. You will find coral The antler staph beauty of the prairie anemone with fish Nemo variants.

Adult:     3,200.00   THB

Child:     2,400.00   THB