Cock's Comb by Speed Boat


  • Guide
  • Border pass fee and admission fee in Myanmar
  • Insurance
  • Life Jacket
  • Towel
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Tea & Coffee (Morning)
  • Lunch (Buffet)
  • Dinner
  • Land Tranfer



07:00 am. Pick up from your hotel. Journey to the docks (Time depending on the location of the hotel of your choice),
08:00. Pier Grand Andaman (Ranong) through the process of making the border pass
to 09:00. The ship left the port of Grand Andaman. (Ranong) heading to the island's two ports in Burma through the immigration 09:30. departure from the island's two ports via "Victoria Point" over the islands. Myanmar is heading to sea aboard a lifeboat. Snorkeling equipment Drinking water Throughout the tour,
10:30. Arrive at Emerald Island Heart (Cock's Comb Island) If you look from above a heart-shaped emerald. Very beautiful Inside you will find the beauty of the coral. The colorful soft corals, if lucky might find a black tip sharks. Swimming in front of the cave entrance. (If the wind force and wave height changes diving nearby instead).
11:15 am. Enjoy snorkeling at Paradise Cove (Paradise Bay) See the beauty of anemones and corals, staghorn lot
. 12:00 Arrive Koh Fook (Dunkin Island) is an island beach. soft You can swim beach, canoeing, nature walks along the beach and lunch at
14:00. Visit. Island neighborhood rope (ZedetkyiKyun Island) see the beauty and diversity. The shallow reef The most beautiful beach in Myanmar, such as Staghorn coral, brain coral, table coral lettuce, fish types. That can be seen easily
15:00. Return heading. Grand Andaman Island (Pine Burma),
16:30. Arrive Grand Andaman Island (Pine Myanmar) documents through the night with dinner coupons to get a towel for the shower. There is a sauna, swimming pool (with wash thoroughly. And wearing swimsuit
Water before the game),
17:00. Dinner. Buffet Victoria's Restaurant. Grand Andaman and watch the sunset. Afterwards, enjoy a duty-free shop (Duty Free Shop), such as bags, chocolate, perfume and so on, or you can enjoy games of chance with a hotel. The hotel is offering you 24 hours
to 19:00. Depart back. Harbor Grand Andaman (Ranong) returns hotels.
(You can own the car at the harbor aboard the final round to jump back side Ranong 23:00.)

1. In case of change or postpone the trip. Customers must inform the authorities at least 7 days before the trip
2. trip cancellation. Can not be refunded to the customer. In no case whatsoever
3. If the monsoon. Adverse weather conditions Myanmar authorities have announced the suspension and navigation. Customers can postpone the trip The Company We reserve the right to refund the customer
4. crossings require ID or Passport actually only
5. In the event of a loss of snorkelling equipment. You have to pay damages as follows:
- diving mask 500 baht / a
- snorkel 500 baht / a
6. staff will contact you back for more details as follows:
- a list of the entire journey
- details such as the place gets. delivery, food allergies, etc.
- In preparation for the Thailand ID card. If foreigners Prepare a copy of your passport and fill out E-VISA (Link staff to fill them via E-Mail that you have provided).

Cock's Comb by Speed Boat

Detail: Heart Emerald Island has a small opening into the sea. If viewed from a high angle to see that the center is shaped like a heart.

Adult:     3,900.00   THB

Child:     2,900.00   THB